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Desolation Point

Desolation Point - Cari Hunter This was my first Cari Hunter's book, a very enjoyable reading indeed.

It reminded me of Die Hard, only set in the mountains and with two nice and brave lesbian ladies instead of Bruce Willis.

You know what I mean, one of those stories where the hero (or the heroines in this case) deals with an impossible situation of extreme danger and barely survives with the most terrible physical wounds and unbearable psychological burdens, but at the end finds the way and the time to kick the butts of all the evil guys.

So, more or less, this is Desolation Point, which is a bit predictable, but has a great rhythm and brings adrenalinic fun to the reader.

Also, the evil guys are a little bit too standardized. The classical, violent, hateful bastards, so you're not too worried when they meet their fate at last.

The romance is very well done. The main characters are both nice, intelligent and lovable. A good compromise of strenght and fragility. I'd say butch and femme, even if my impression is that Alex is a quite feminine butch, and Sarah a tough femme, so this is interesting.
They become a couple quickly, but it works because we can see they are kindred spirits and the heavy load both of the past and the present plays an important part in getting them together, connecting fist their survival and then their life.

Now I'm curious about the sequel!