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Unbreakable - Blayne Cooper I did love this book, yet it left me embittered.

There are so many things that are five stars in this novel.

First of all the romance. I think Jacie's and Nina's story is one of the best I have read so far. Blayne Cooper shows us the blossoming of their love since they were kids, when it was just a special friendship and then there is this delicate, sweet process of transformation as the years pass. While they grow up and become girls and then women, so their love both settles and broadens.
Their feeling is so strong, according to every phase of their age, and even when they meet again after twenty years.
It's really, really touching and heartwarming.

Also, the narration is great and original.
The story is skillfully divided in two lines, one in the present day, when the five former friends decide to meet again, while the other one is set in their previous story along the time from first grade to college, how they started their friendship and all the significant events in different moments of their growth. We see how the happenings of their past are reflected in the present time, going back and forth from the past to the present and vice versa.

And there are misteries to be solved. Misteries in the past. Misteries in the present. Things known to some of them and not to the others. Heavy burdens left buried inside that need to be let free, to heal the wounds. Happenings hidden for years, relating to their lives, with ramifications and consequences.
The reader curiosity is stimulated by a very feminine, sentimental way to write a mistery story. In the mainstream novels, it reminds me of [a:Kate Morton|615274|Kate Morton|https://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1444262471p2/615274.jpg]. And once again I find myself to think that a lesfic-tagged novel should indeed be a mainstream novel. It would really deserve to be.

Another point, this book it is so rich in feelings.
There is much drama, but there are also funny moments. From a certain point on, angst is ruling. There is a rape scene that is a punch in the stomach as well as plenty of fluffy times.

This is indeed a five stars book.
I'm not giving five stars because of the sadness, the regret, the bitterness pervading this story. Yes there is a happy end, but also the feeling of so much loss because of ignorance, because of secrets, of something kept underground among them.
And somehow this load prevents me from holding this story fully dear.

It's been a ride, now I need to read something lighter. But cheapeau again to Blayne Cooper.