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Crossing Lines - K.D. Williamson This book is wonderful, beautiful. At the same time sweet and psychologically rich and intense.

The story begins immediately after [b:Blurred Lines|25787381|Blurred Lines (Cops and Docs, #1)|K.D. Williamson|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1435150902s/25787381.jpg|45637926] ending and I’d say the two books are actually only one novel without any gap between them. Blurred Lines ended with no hangover in a pretty relaxed point of Kelli and Nora’s love story, but the general feeling was that their relationship was still imperfect and in an initial phase. Crossing Lines continues the love story tale, expanding it, making it deeper and more charming. Blurred Lines was the bud, Crossing Lines is the open flower.
Things that in the first part seemed just side happenings, now gain importance.

The core, the central theme of the book are the two main characters, Kelli and Nora. They are so well defined and special. They are both very human, each one in her own way, they have their vulnerabilities. Kelli in particular appears to be frailer, in this second book, but that just made her dearer to me.
It’s a book about personal growth, about finding the courage and the strength in the fundamental aspects of life.

Their mutual feelings are so powerful… the story is an emotional roller coaster and the reader is really captivated. Everything is delightfully romantic.

It’s a commonplace in romance that when all seems to be all right, something happens between the two lovers, leading to a sorrowful separation, to be solved later, often just near the end of the story.
Many times I have been perplexed with this sort of happenings. I understand they are necessary to keep the emotional tension in the reader, however often they are often unrealistic about what happens between the two protagonists.
On the contrary, in this book the separation is really interesting and original, both in its context and in the time of the story when it happens.

When it happens, Nora is still frail and uncertain in her choice to open to open up to a relationship and Kelly, due to her family problems, has lost her self-control and lacks of consideration toward her.

Ok, maybe the separation after their argument is a bit too much protracted to be true, considering the sincere loving feelings always present between them, but then the heart of the novel is the rebuilding of their relationship on a steadier, better foundation.
The crisis becomes the very instrument for their personal growth, as individuals even before than as a couple. I really liked how intensely that was described.

Sometimes romances are just superficial. Heart beats for the two leads and that’s all. And yes, from this point of view, Crossing Lines is indeed really enjoyable and entertaining. But while reading, I also found deeper psychological aspects which make it a quality book, in my opinion.

An example is this: sex is showed both as a constructive and a destructive element. It can bring closeness, but also distance in a couple as it happens initially between Kelli and Nora.
Sex is much more relevant in this book than in the previous one. When love is later acknowledged inside by both the women, sex becomes very touching. As it was an obstacle earlier, now it becomes a therapy for their relationship.
Another point is the feeling of protection, described in perspectives I’d define as masculine and feminine independently from the fact the main characters are both women.
Nora feels she is protected by Kelli, because Kelli is a cop, she is strong and brave and she gives her a more physical protection. Kelli feels she is protected by Nora, because Nora never fails to give her support, she is always present, steady and caring with affection.

As I already said about Blurred Lines, again this is not a mistery book, a thriller or an adventure one. The plot is simple, there are not twists nor heroic acts, unless we consider as heroism the dedication to the beloved one in difficult times.
Everything is just in relation to the love story. What happens is not important in itself, but as how the two main characters transform their lives accordingly.

5 loving stars again

I thank the author and the publisher for the ARC received in exchange for an honest review.