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The Blind Side of Love

The Blind Side of Love - Ingrid Díaz This is just beautiful. It's fully enitled to be in my all times favorites.

The story is quite similar to Notting Hill playing on the social class gap between the two lead characters, the bohemian artist and the Hollywood star, but there is much more and it's originally reinvented.

It's psychologically and emotionally intense. The leads are both young and full of life, and the plot is fresh, full of humour and feelings.
Julianne is unconsciously a total charm. And Kris... I really like her as well.
Both are so full of insecurities and all vulnerable, and this make them sweethearts.
They both carry burdens from their past, and they gradually find the courage to be themselves, to define what they really want and who they are.

Secundary characters are nice and provide much fun in a well defined New York City stage.

Everything combines in a sound, romantic comedy, well balanced between trepidation and feeling.
The rythm is slow. Becoming aware of the other person and of herself and falling in love is described in details. Important themes comes in to play: outing to the family, discovering a different sexuality.
I think this version is still lacking something about what will happen when Kris will finally out to her family. I'd like to see how badly they'll react and how Kris is going to cope.

I'm really happy I have found this author.
Not only this book, but her blog as well. She's witty and positive in so many ways an I found "food for thought" in many things that she wrote. I think she has a lot to say.

I already bought her published novel, and I hope to see this one published soon in its definitive release. I'll be happy to buy it and re-read it.

Full 5 stars.