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The Empath

The Empath - Jody Klaire A real hero is someone who undergoes great troubles without giving up.

Aeron Lorelei has been unjustly accused of a murder at sixteen, condemned by all her town people, abandoned by her family and reclused in a psychiatric institute where her treatment is prolonged over time by a dishonest, corrupt medical doctor.
Not only that. Because of her remarkable medium and telepathic powers, she is generally held up as a freak since her childhood, and later considered as an actual witch, by the nasty town gossip.

She underogoes so much trouble, pain and injustice, that she loses her own self-confidence. Of course, she is hurt, scared and angry. And yet...

And yet, deep inside, she is a generous, innocent person, unable to hate even her persecutors.
She is a wonderful, complex character, full of contrast: frail but also strong, tormented but very sweet.

The adventure begins when the new doctor in charge decides to trust her and to send her back outside the institute. Aeron returns to Oppidum, her little hostile native village, exactly when a vicious serial killer starts to kill women in the area.

By her powers, Aeron is dragged into a powerful empathic connection both with the killer and the victims. She feels in herself their terrible sufferings and she communicates with them after their death.
But of course she is also accused to be the killer by the town, arranging an actual witch hunt.
So she must investigate to solve the mistery and try to save the victims as well as herself.

A sincere new friend, a regretful father and a formidable nanny ghost will be her unexpected allies in this gripping paranormal-mistery adventure.

Romance (lesbian, of course!) is just hinted in this novel, because Aeron really isn't in the right mood for a love story nor she has any time to.
However we have the sweet beginning of a new blooming feeling, and it's really delicate.
Hopefully to be continued in a new adventure of the series...!

Overall, a very pleasant reading.