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All the Little Moments

All the Little Moments - G. Benson Single, young aunt who, all of a sudden, must learn to look after her brother/sister's children is an old, sweet and endearing theme.
I have seen in cinema this nice Garry Marshall's movie , starring Kate Hudson, which displays contents very similar to those in this book.
Also, for other aspects, this novel reminds me this Christmas season TV movie, with Carla Gugino, performing the aunt.
If you liked this book, as I did, I suggest to see these movies too.

Benson gives this novel a dramatic slant, moderate by deep, good feelings. Death is very present in the story for every characters. But so are friendship and love, in every aspect. The play is of vivid contrast which makes the story intense. Even if it encompass many subjects aside from romance, let me say I don't agree at all with those who state that in this book, romance is a minor.
On the contrary, Lane proves to be really brave and sympathetic with Anna, and she's fundamental in helping her in her battles. Love is difficult for her, and hence has worth.

I loved this book.