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That Certain Something

That Certain Something - Clare  Ashton A refreshing, fun romance about love at first sight and soul mates.
Despite a very difficult and embarassing situation, the feelings and the emotions are so powerful that cannot be ignored and will find their way to express.

The storytelling is seen from the eyes of Pia, a determined, sensitive, stubborn, adorable gay photographer with her established set of moral principles, but a little (and sometimes more than a little) closeminded about what falls outside them.
The target of her love is beautiful, rich and mysterious Cate, which the reader comes to discover gradually along the story, together with Pia. Without spoilering to much, she'll be quite great at the end.

An important line of the play is the class contrast between the two main characters which results only in superficial difference, not really a fundamental one in the inner reality.
As a minor character points out to Pia "you two are more similar than you think, and what is different is spice".

The story is not perfect, it has its flaws, sometimes you'd like to say: "Come on, Pia, that's too much! Relent a little!"
But as a whole you heartily feel for the two girls, becasue they are both really very nice and you just want for them the much awaited happy ending.
And, by the way, you're compelled to read to the early hours until it happens!