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The Temple at Landfall

The Temple at Landfall - Jane Fletcher It's been a surprising book. A wonderful construction of a world and an enthralling reading.

Unfortunately there isn't much to say about it without touching a major spoiler the one which has to do with the origin of human life on this planet and the only female gender prospect of evolution.
Indeed just stating that this book is a sci-fi genre one and not a fantasy one, is a big spoiler.
This surprise is the key to read all the book with totally different eyes, and it makes this story so original.
, for there is a wonderful twist of the plot.

I really liked the characters, the adventure cut, the fantastic creatures, and the plot.
I'm not giving five stars because I feel the romance between Lynn and Kim is lacking depth. They both are nice, but there's a bit of superficiality, as they don't really get to know each other well, and they don't talk enough.

Just a quick consideration: a society without men is described as very very similar to our one. Just a bit of male pride, maybe, but it would be interesting to see more differences, a different balance, or unbalance, I don't know.