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Ready or Not - Melissa Brayden I read it, but I rushed a bit, so I read it again.
This made me think about the right way to read a Melissa Brayden's.
The first time I was hungry because I wanted to see what was going to happen and, as a result, I didn't like the book so much.
But the second time I read it slowly, I tasted every detail, and this time I loved it.
I researched every peculiarity that came up through the reading. For example I head to translate "burgundy" (Mallory's matching underwear was black and burgundy) to discover it was the english tranlsation of Bourgogne wine.
I believe these Brayden books have to be "meditated" as a good glass of red burgundy to be really appreciated. Sipped, not gulped down.
I also "googled" every place of NY and there are many which I want to see sooner or later.
Above all, I took time to consider every feelings and emotions this story "elicited" both in the lead characaters and in myself. The result, as always with this author, is delicious.

I loved each and every character in this series, but my favourite ones are Hunter and Mallory, because of the contrast between strenght and vulnerability. I found it really charming.