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Jericho - Ann McMan I think a good way to describe this book is comparing it to Ravel's Bolero.

There's a single main theme playing, repeated in many different variations and with different intensity.
The main theme here is the gradual unfolding and revelation of Maddie's and Syd's love.

And then we can see every chapter as a musical phrase, with its beginning and its ending.
It's quite a characteristic choice, no chapter is left hanging or finish with a discordant note, each one tells its story and closes in a positive way, another variation accomplished on the main theme.
A chapter can be the acknowledgment to be attracted, another the acknowledgment to be in love. In a chapter we see this love under the stress of a crisis, in another we see it broading towards a family.

Also, the rythm is slow, repeated, sound. This is not a book with plot twists.
I read in the reviews that many say it's all predictable. It certainly is. But I think it is a deliberate choice. No happening here has a meaning in itself; on the contrary it is just a context to see how love reacts to it, how everything changes in its light.

As not everybody can appreciate the Bolero, so I'm sure not all will like Jericho.
But I was enthralled, captivated by the romance and the good feelings permeating this tale and passing through me.
I've come to really enjoy it.