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Divine Touched (Vaelandrian Goddesses - Book 1)

Divine Touched (Vaelandrian Goddesses - Book 1) - Cassandra Duffy This book is a nice, sound fantasy book.
The author created an elaborate universe with a pantheon of hidden deities who intertwine will and destinies with human persons.
The two main characters, Harper and Calista are very different. Harper is noble and unexperienced, while Calista is the mischievous, adventurous prototype of the thief-assassin with the addition of supernatural powers.
At first I found Harper quite boring while Calista was fun. But Harper is a growing character and I really liked her at the end.
Flirt between the two is really nice. Sex is quite moderate.
Minor characters are richly delineate and the plot is well studied. I'd say I sometimes even forgot about reading a lesbian fiction, more engrossed by the fantasy side of the story.
I enjoyed the reading.