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The Awakening - Yvonne Heidt I was somehow compelled to rate this book 4 stars because I really liked the ghost story, the rythm, the suspence.

Above all, I thorougly appreciated the psychological insight of the character Jordan while coping with suffering and the deep understanding showed by Sunny in regard. I found passages I would define lyric in describing how the negativity is a self-created shadow much more than any ghost and later how the soul, who we really are, is really not touched by the dark gloom of sufference, which can shield temporarily who we are, but never destroy it.
This has been much more I was expecting from this book.


Reading the book I would have *gently* bumped my ereader on the author's head for how she messed with the romance aspect.
As much as I can like the first sight love of two characters, I'd really like to read about some development. I understand attraction, but I cannot think about an important involvement without the two women get to know each other. On the contrary, here we find two adult, very different characters almost immediately having a way to each other both in feelings and in sex.
And, talking about sex, it would have been nice for them to have some privacy. I found unrealistic their smooching in the midst of some thrilling, scaring ghost hunt and above all I found annoying their going at each other where they could be easily catched by Sunny's mother, which is a scarier situation than every ghost apparition!

I enjoyed reading this novel. But I'm sorry because it could have been really great if only the author would have cared for a better love story.