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Ambereye - Gill McKnight I have now read (and enjoyed!) all four novels of the Garoul series, and as it is for many others, my favourite one is Ambereye.

Ambereye is a bit different from the other three novels, which are more adventurous, mysterious, more paranormal, more classically "werewolven" so to speak.

With this second Chapter the author took her time to go a little bit more deeply into romance.

If this series has a flaw, for me, it is the fact that werewolves' mating for life is used as a pretext to justify love. So it happens that when the "girl of destiny" comes in the life of the wolven girl, the two girls cannot help but love each other.
That's ok, it's Gill's world, and if she wants to make this rule all right. The thing sounds like a wise, natural instinct of the werewolves to select a mate.

But when feelings are expanded, like in Ambereye, that adds something.
Characters are better developed, somehow richer.

Hope is the self-confident heart of the novel and of the saga, appearing in the following novels as a reference character for the girls who come up to meet other Garoul girls, she is made strong by her past fight with a severe illness.

Her story with Jolie is gradually built up and enthralling.

And Jolie is really the diamond of the story.
She is all unsure, nevrotic, moody and grumpy at the beginning. And yet the reader discovers gradually how sweet she is inside and how she changes for love.
Gill McKnight plays artfully with her, with delightful wit. We laugh at her and, at the same time, we come to love her.
She changes and grows and yet remains insecure, despite the fact she is the big, bad wolf.