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The Sum of These Things

The Sum of These Things - Emily O’Beirne The plot is not so original, as it follows the old romance pattern: love, split, love again.
But the story is engaging, emotionally compelling, full of witty dialogs, all-round described characters, even the secundary ones.
It's a well written YA romance about understanding ourselves and our place in life, growing up, overcoming personal insecurities, finding the courage to stand against all odds, expecially inside the family.
The two main characters, Claire and Mia are really lovable.
I liked this chapter more than the previous one, [b:A Story of Now|25019692|A Story of Now (A Story of Now, #1)|Emily O’Beirne|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1424898785s/25019692.jpg|44692870], because it's a little more complex, but it's really one story. I read it one after the other and I found no gap between the two.
I liked it and recommend it.