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Without A Front - The Producer's Challenge

Without A Front - The Producer's Challenge - Fletcher DeLancey This novel is indeed the lull before the storm!

It's not even an entire book; it's just a half. 1176 pages of the free version are challenging, but still I'm quite tempted to download it to go on with the story immediately! How on earth am I supposed to survive six weeks leaving everything in such a trouble? This splitting is cruel!

I've read this novel immediately after the first one of the series, the Caphenon, and to give you an idea of how much I am involved in the world of Alsea, one morning last week I catched myself exclaiming: "Fahla! I'm late!"
(Fahla is Alsea's deity...)

After the happenings of the Caphenon the planet Alsea has a sudden mood swing. No longer facing an alien invasion, it's now going through moral and economic crises, the previously acquired unity of intent forgotten, and the castes on the verge of political war both internally and one against the other.
There is much Earth in this Alsea.

Standing between the downfalling alseans and the ruin we find one woman: the Lancer (world leader) Andira Tal, whose intelligence, empathy and morality are serving for what is good and right.
But even Andira Tal is exhausted by the previous fight for the planet and also personally tried by the loss of a love.

Until, after a while, her life is wonderfully upset by the most delightful, determined and headstrong young lady of the producer caste. After an initial conflict, Andira Tal is challanged to share her life and home for a while. And a great love begins to unfold, so powerful to be supernatural, and yet truly gradual, nice and delicate.

Meanwhile, a mysterious, powerful and dangerous enemy is plotting a deathly trap to destroy Andira Tal politically and personally.

I really shouldn't give five stars for a half of a book. I'm still giving them because I'm so involved by this story, by the most wonderful leading characters and by their powerful, intense (and difficult) love story.
But at the end of this book the lull is finished and the storm arrived, violent.