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The Red Files - Lee  Winter As a mistery/crime, this book reminded me some of the first Grisham's novels, expecially [b:The Pelican Brief|32499|The Pelican Brief|John Grisham|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1389486877s/32499.jpg|490324]. Two journalists against corrupt secret services and a hidden, ambiguous corporation. It has pretty much the same vibe, except maybe for the murders. The author here mitigates a little without showing directly the crimes (but hey! still people vanish... in Mexico...)

The book has all the elements of a soundly good spy story, investigations, pursuits, well dressed male bad guys without a neck, high level political corruption.
The main characters are strong willed and energetic, keenly intuitive and they complete each others as rising, great investigative journalists, starting from the bottom pit of gossip reporting.
The story has a wonderful rythm with the two ladies snooping around, thinking theories, and being dragged in crazy action.
Dialogues are witty and there's humour and flirting.

And of course they like each others.
Catherine Ayers is beautiful. Even if she starts as an "Evil Ice Queen" she's cool and attractive from the beginning. She is such for the readers, because they share Lauren's POV along all the story.
However, apart from a couple of really good kisses and a really hot, sexy night, the author chooses to divide romance from crime. The book has a strong romance component, but it's left aside until after the solving of the mistery. This can be a good choice, because Lauren and Ayers really don't have much time to get into a relationship during the action part.

The last part of the book is then completely left to romance, with its sweet tropes, the angst based (ouch, again!) by the non-communication between the two, and a nice, exciting, wonderful ending.

The story is complete, even if some space for a sequel adventure is left open.

Guaranteed fun.