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Under a Falling Star

Under a Falling Star - Jae This has really been a fun reading.
Somehow the romance is similar to Gill McKnight Ambereye, but of course without any supernatural or werewolf. However it's the story of a stern, grumpy workaholic boss, Dee, who becomes a total sweetie when love touches her life. An interior journey, the miracle of love in resurrecting our life from a difficult family and a terrible environment.
The plot isn't really anything original, but the atmosphere is charming and the characters both very nice, so you side with them and the reading is absorbing (compelling, in my case, as I had to read through a couple of nights until morning!)
A good point is that the main characters are really good, moral persons, avoiding any unnecessary fuss that sometimes trouble this kind of books. Dee expecially, starting from more delicate situation, has exemplary reactions throughout the story, never falls short of Austen, and comes to be a really positive character.
Quality is in details.