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Fortunate Sum - M. Ullrich Fortunate Sum could have been a light, romantic comedy with a touch of supernatural. Yet it didn't come out that way, it's more a racing pulse romance, nice, but a little too serious in my opinion. A bit more humour could have helped.
It's very well written, though, I was captivated and the reading was flowing and pleasant.

In this story, the author made a brave, unusual choice.
One of the two main characters, Imogene, was just perfect. Sweet, beautiful and sexy (of course!), thoughtful, caring and a good mixture of strong and delicate.
But the other, Catherine, she was... let's say problematic.
To the point of being unpleasant.
For example, what does it mean that you clearly prefer women, but you date men because it's easier...?
And what the author made her do, at a certain point, is on the brink of irreparable.

I have been angry with Catherine, as I think every single reader, because the author choosed so on purpose. And I think Catherine's role was the most leading, even more than Imogene's.
That reflects in many negative reviews I have read: "I cannot stand Catherine".

Could I?
Yes, I sided with her, at last. I really wanted her to be happy, eventually. But hey! it took me a while!
Unexpectedly, it bothered me more that she dated Richard when her heart was for Imogene, than the little relapse for Linda.
At least, that was sincere, even if it was unloyal and mean, and she needed it to understand herself better and to let go her past.
The Richard thing was just... aaarghhh!

So Catherine was in my opinion the originality and both the strong and the weak point of the novel. Yes the author was able to change my feeling for her. But I also disliked her for a good part of the book.

It's a good 4.5, rounded by defect.
(Hey, my first half point!)