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Blurred Lines (Cops and Docs) (Volume 1)

Blurred Lines (Cops and Docs) (Volume 1) - Kd Williamson This book is not perfect, but it certainly made me feel 5 stars, so it's getting a full 5 stars from me.

Let's start to say what the book could be, but it is not.
It isn't a crime novel.
Somehow I was expecting a crime novel; you know, Cops and Docs series sounds like police cases and legal medicine. Also, hints about Rizzoli & Isles fanfic made me think in that direction.
So I read it with this kind of anticipation.
At the beginning, when Kelli and her partner were shot by some criminals, I thought we were going to search, find and nail them.
Later, when Nora gets in trouble, I thought Kelli was going to be the police superdetective, to solve the matter and be her heroine.
Well, no way. This is not a crime novel at all.

So what is this book?
In two words: pure romance.
But oh, what romance! Psychology is great. I never saw two characters more in tune with each other. They really, affectionately, wholeheartedly like each other.
Attraction, flirting, sweet anticipation, reciprocal consideration (with thoughtful speech and actions), dialogue, friendship, true desire to be together, it's all there.
Now, to state the truth, the whole thing is not very realistic. Indeed it's a bit pushed. Nora's isolation was a bit too much to keep her a healthy human being if it was real. Kelli is a little too perfect. Also Nora's trouble at work sounds a little created as a pretext for romance development.
But hey! The result is wonderful.
Yes, I do have a soft spot for "defrosting ice queens", but Nora was really moving for me. So helpless in her compulsive refusal to get involved in any sort of human relationship and yet we clearly see she is so great and innocent inside. I was totally sold out for her.
And Kelli was so a perfect match for her. All butchy, but with a feminine heart as big as the sea. A very lovely contrast. And her crass speech is so funny and cathartic with bullies!

I'm almost afraid to read the sequel, fearing that some mess may come between those two.

Blurred Lines got to my heart, and goes straight to my favorites.