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A Dark Horse - Blayne Cooper This is one of those books that when you finish them, you feel a little bit lost and then you ask yourself: And now? What can I possibly read after such a book?
This novel can be defined as a perfect blending of a romance and a mistery, with a predominance on romance.
Adele is the tormented heroine and Natalie is the brave counterpart, who becomes the lighthouse in her life.
There's much drama in Adele's life, she suffers losses in family life, in professional credit as well as physical menomation, until Natalie comes back in her life to gradually resurrect her with gentle feelings that naturally grow into mutual love.
The two ladies are wonderful indiviudally, and great with each others. There's great chemistry, attraction. They are both sexy and femmes. Adele is also a little butch, but only inside, which I found nice.
And there's humour, banter between them, important little moments, really great dialogue. Everything is so rich in this book, even details.
And another point, they both behave like adults in the story, and I so much appreciate that!
For example, Adele is bisexual. She has a break up with her husband years before starting her story with Natalie. During the last part of the book it's clear that her husband still loves her and wants her back. But simply, Adele knows that she now wants Natalie and doesn't call anything into question. As simple as that: adult choices.

Romance tropes are wonderfully subverted here. The necessary angst is not artificially created by an unlikely, whim-born separation, incompatible whith the nature of the mutual feeling. Instead, it's provided by the mistery narrative line which comes artfully into play with its blows when everything seems to go well romantically.

The mistery line deserves its own discourse.
Being romance the larger part of the story, mistery is somehow limited. But Blayne Cooper is so skilled to manage a perfectly edited, sensible crime story complete with surprising twists and ending surprise. If we cut away all romance, we would still have a really enjoyable, free-standing, crime novella.
Much more as it is part of a larger story and it is functional to it.
When the mistery fades out after its proper conclusion, the author provides a long epilogue where she makes the readers see how the romance evolves happily as Natalie and Adele meet and solve the practical problems still left open, and the book closes as a perfect stand-alone story.

What else can I say? In my opinion this is a little masterpiece.

Should I try to find defects? A bit too much violence suffered by both the leading characters? Maybe, but that made me feel for them, it was worth reading it.
In dialogues sometimes I had to reread because I didn't understand which one was saying what... very minor details.

5 stars

PS: Just to say what I managed to do after reading this book. I started to read another Blayne Cooper's book! [b:Unbreakable|655677|Unbreakable|Blayne Cooper|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1176821074s/655677.jpg|641775]
I'm enjoying it, but this will be another review. :)