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Zero Visibility

Zero Visibility - Georgia Beers This was a nice reading, but not much more.
I felt as it was somehow too fast. Characters not really definite.
I didn't understand Emerson's behaviour. She's smart and compassionate, why doesn't she think of others until the last minute?
Ok, she has issues, she must be resurrected by love, but I didn't find good reasons for these issues.
Also, the love story seems frail. Cassie and Emerson are not really into each other. Emerson thinks she can do without her and Cassie doesn't really trsut Emerson.
I asked myself "What if the 'bad' Emerson asked the 'good' Cassie to go with her to LA instead of staying together in Lake Henry? Would she go? No way." "Is this love really above all else? Is this really love?"