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A Story of Now

A Story of Now - Emily O'Beirne This is a nice romance who deals with insecurity and inferiority complex.
Claire and Mia, the two lead characters are both really nice, but both have to grow up a little in order to find their way to happiness.

Claire is openly in a crisis state. She has relationship problems with her family, and she really doesn't know which direction to give her life. At the beginning of the novel we see her all grumpy and in a superiority complex mood masquerading an inferiority complex. So I agree whith what I read in other reviews: initially, Claire is an unpleasant bit of a jerk. We have to know her a little more in order to start to be sympathetic with her. Yet I came to love her, after a while.

Two considerations came in my mind here:
1) I found out that every superiority complex is always a form of inferiority complex. It's just a matter oh how deeply you look at it.
2) Frankly having a lead character in such a crisis is really refreshing. By now I have read tons of romances where every main lady is succesful in profession, career or just purpose. A succesful character is certainly charismatic, but sometimes is good to see (aside from just angst in relationships) someone who is struggling with work, and lacks ideas of what to do next. It makes Claire very human.

The other lead, Mia, seems to be calm and secure. She is beautiful and cool in Claire's eyes but... she behaves in a strange way.
That's because she is everything but secure. She's totally lost. About her newly discovered sexuality somehow, and above all about Claire.
Her kind of insecurity complex reminded me about... well... myself with girls when I was younger.
It's the attitude: "She is so above myself. She is so beatiful, so cool, so popular, I cannot hope to be with her".
That attitude is a paralyzing disaster in relationships, believe me.
I remember, when I finally overcame it, I was so surprised that girls were actually happy to accept dates with me. (!)
And so is Mia, paralyzed by her irrational fears. Until a woderful talk between her and Claire in the finale will help to overcome everything.
That's what makes Mia so endearing to me.

PS: I really didn't like the drinking issue. They drink too much alcohol in this book. I know it is a way of life index and so on, and I don't want to be rigid. But I found it dangerous rather than cool. I think it's not even fun.
Drinking to unconsciousness and awaking in a total stranger's bed is quite a disturbing thought for me.