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Driving Me Mad - L.T. Smith Meh. Conflicting feelings.

I liked the ghost story and the Sixth Sense vibe. Sometimes it was pretty creepy and I enjoyed it.
The first and the last parts of the novel were very engaging, and I was hooked in reading. In the middle, however, I was tempted to abandon it completely, I also started another book. But let’s put the blame on my difficult week, I really didn’t have much head for reading.
I liked Becky’s (the main character) humour. It made me laugh sometimes, even in a thrilling situation.
And the sex was pretty good and hot, even if it was described in a very rhetorical way (you know, stars sparkling more and falling according to the pleasure of the lovers and so on…)

I see a lot of five stars from the reviewers, but in my opinion, this books has some issues.

Let’s face it, the romance is a mess. It has all the worst commonplaces of this genre:
1. It’s instalove. And it isn’t even that Becky falls in love at first sight with Clare because of her. She falls in love because she reminds her of another person. I will return on this point under spoiler.
2. Communication between them is awful. Now I’m going to show the infamous man’s point of view of my nickname, but both the main characters were moody and temperamental. Without any notice, they became angry with each other, offended without justification (er… for what I --a man-- could grasp…) and resentfully silent with each other. Or suddenly distant. I found that creepier than ghosts!
3. They continuously call each other ‘baby’. (I need an Inside Out Disgust’s face here).

Apart from romance, the plot, as I was saying is engaging and it has some nice twists, but it also has holes.
From now on better go under

Basically, the core of the story is that Becky lives a powerful connection with a woman of the past, Ellen, who was the victim of seriously bad happenings, who is the grandmother of Clare, Becky’s new found love, and who was in love with her sister in law Annabel, Clare’s aunt.
Now, Becky and Ellen are two peas in a pod. And Clare and Annabel are two peas in a pod. Seriously? Why?
And now, because Becky dream-lives a sex scene between Ellen and Annabel, she falls for Clare.
Any explanation to those connections? No. They just happen.

Then there’s a point where the bad guy (yes, there’s a bad guy who is a veeeeeeeery bad guy, evil personification itself, the most bastard of the bastards) ok what was I saying?
There’s a point where the bad guy possessed Clare. So the reader think. Ok here we have a supernatural bad guy. We have to fight him supernaturally… No way. Just an incident. No explanation.

Many doubts and some enjyoyment.
3.5 stars